What's Paragliding? How And Where?

Paragliding is a sport that does not require a special runway or aircraft, and is completely accompanied by the wind. Paragliding was found by people interested in air sports in the early 1980s. When it comes to paragliding, people usually think of free parachute. Free fall requires an aircraft and swings from high to soar across the sky. There is no need for an aircraft in paragliding. From the mountains or high slopes, people jump and blend into the sky by gaining a certain speed.

How to Paraglide?

For paragliding, firstly, it is necessary to go to the places that are suitable for this sport. Two of the most suitable destinations for this are Kaş and Fethiye Ölüdeniz, and these regions are among Xanthos Travel Paragliding Tours . After that, only muscle strength and wind are needed for flight. If you will be in the sky for a paragliding experience, you can get brief information about paragliding from the instructors and fly with the pilots in the places where this sport is performed.

Paragliding is not a three-person sport. It is done with only one plus person except the pilot. This is called "Tandem Paragliding". The age limit for paragliding is 16. Family permission is required for under the age of 16.

Paragliding is usually done between spring and autumn, in clear and dry weather. There is no strict rule that it cannot be done in the rest of the year, but the weather in the area is a very decisive factor.

Popular Locations

Fethiye Babadag is known as the first place where paragling is maden in Turkey. Along with this, the most popular locations are as follows;

  • Fethiye Babadag is the Babadag location, located in Oludeniz, Mugla. There are three tracks in Babadağ, which is 45 minutes away from Oludeniz.
  • Ali Mountain (Kayseri), organized by the 2004 World Paragliding Championship, is another region preferred by professional and semi-professional paragliders.
  • Another location, Dinamit Hill, Pamukkale. This is the preferred spot for paragliding training to experience all kinds of weather conditions. You can watch the travertines and Hierapolis Ancient City during the flight that make Denizli an important tourism center.
  • If you have chosen Antalya as a recreation area in summer and want to add adrenaline to your holiday, you can experience unforgettable moments in the blue of both the sea and the sky with paragliding you will do in Konyaaltı, Alanya and Kaş for paragliding tours.
  • Those who want to watch Yeşil Bursa from above can also participate in paragliding flights in Uludağ and Gürsu.
  • Hazarbaba, the highest mountain in Elazig, is a place visited by skiing in winter and paragliding in summer.
  • Izmir is among the prominent spots in paragliding with Bozdağ in Ödemiş district.
  • If you want to live when you go on a tour of Turkey's capital Ankara, history and culture as well as a little adventure, in Gölbaşı is made paragliding pilots and are accompanied by training.
  • Boztepe is a touristic area where tourists coming to Ordu provide transportation by cable car and watch the city view. You can also paraglide to watch the city and the Black Sea from a bird's eye view.
  • You can be one of the thousands of people in the air by participating in the paragliding festival held in Adana every October.
  • Hatay, with its rich culture, history and cuisine, is of one of Turkey's touristic city, offers three different appeals of paragliding experience for everyone from 7 to 77.
  • You can spend pleasant moments with experienced pilots in Uzungöl, where you will watch every shade of green with paragliding.
  • In Istanbul, the best choice for paragliding may be Ormanlı, the hidden paradise of Istanbul.
  • Kartepe, which serves as a ski resort area in winter, offers a suitable environment for paragliding in summer.
  • The paragliding stop in Sakarya is Kırantepe located in the Serdivan region.
  • In Bolu Abant, where international Paragliding competitions are also held, you can witness the magnificent views of the Abant Mountains during seasonal transitions.
  • Uçmakdere, Tekirdag is one of the favorite paragliding location in Turkey.

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"Fabulous and exhilarating kayaking the Kekova sunken city."

"Timely pickup from where we were staying. Speedy transfer to kakova Harbour early on so we beat all the tourist boats. Great, knowledgeable guide with great English. the views were amazing and great value for money with lunch included. Back by home by about 4 pm so not too long of a day."

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"We had a great day out on a boat exploring Kekova (which we'd booked with Xanthos Travel in Kas). We were picked up from our villa and driven down to the port at Kekova to board the boat. We had a fantastic guide - Baran - who explained how the day would pan out and throughout the day gave us a wonderful insight into the sunken city and history of the area. The boat was very comfortable and all of the crew were helpful. We were treated to a delicious lunch and snacks throughout the day, and loved the moment when the goats reaped the benefits of the leftovers! I would definitely recommend booking with these guys. They do lots of other fantastic trips in the area too."

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"My friend and I decided to join Xanthos for a jeep tour so we could visit some amazing places that otherwise we couldn't see. We were on the jeep with other 10 people and all the security rules have always been respected from the participants and the staff. A person has always come with the group and has been super helpful and at the same time cheerful. This is a great choice made by the company! An example: in the canyon a member of the group slipped and felt down. The Xanthos's guy immediately helped and checked her. Likely she didn't have any serious issues, so he cheered up again the spirit. With them we also did rafting on a river (not dangerous but a fun experience) and visited some places that in the right time (less crowded) are beautiful and enjoyable! I highly recommend this tour because its organization, staff, food and the natural legs."


"We went on a days kayak tour. The instructor was good with all of our levels, patient and ensured that we all had a lot of fun. He was also fluent in English and extremely informed about the local area and shared his knowledge with us all. We stopped to swim in beautiful places, ate a fantastic lunch, ate locally made ice cream and also kayaked across the sunken city. It really was a magical day which we will all remember and also great value for money. The organisation was excellent and we couldn't have been in better hands. Will definitely book again."

"Fabulous and exhilarating kayaking the Kekova sunken city."

"Timely pickup from where we were staying. Speedy transfer to kakova Harbour early on so we beat all the tourist boats. Great, knowledgeable guide with great English. the views were amazing and great value for money with lunch included. Back by home by about 4 pm so not too long of a day."

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