Boat Tours Full of Historical and Natural Beauties in the Turquoise Waters of the Mediterranean

About Kas Boat Tours, one of the most popular boat tour destinations in the Mediterranean, How much are boat tours in Kaş, which bays do boat tours go to in Kaş, where do boat tours depart in Kaş, We are starting our article where we can find answers to many questions such as.

Kas Boat Tours

Boat tours are daily or weekly sea activities performed by visiting predetermined routes, accompanied by a guide, captain and team, and taking a break for swimming or eating at certain points using a cruise boat.

The boat tour can be shared with the participation of individuals independent from each other, or it can be organized exclusively for a person or a group. For example, on our Special tours page, you can find detailed information about this type of tours, then you can reach our experienced team and purchase your private tour.

Kaş region hosts the most important boat tour routes of Turkey with its natural beauties and ancient ruins. On the Xanthos Travel boat trips page, you can find detailed information such as routes, stopover points, activities, accompanied by visuals. For more information, you can reach our team anytime via our whatsapp line, contact forms or by phone.

Kaş boat tours have become an indispensable holiday activity for holidaymakers visiting Kaş region. You can enjoy this activity as a family, with a group of friends or individually.

With boat tours, which have become very popular in the region, you can, on the one hand, discover the surrounding bays, islands and ancient artifacts, and on the other hand, you can participate in the activities on the boat. It is not possible to reach many of the bays on the coast of Kaş by road due to their geographical features. Therefore, boat tours may be your only chance to discover the ancient or natural beauties of these places.


Most of the information you will find while researching a boat tour in Kas will introduce you to the Kekova region. Because this region is among the most popular boat tour destinations in the world with its historical beauties and magnificent natural structure. Currently, there are three tours in the Kekova region among the routes of Xanthos Travel boat tours. Boat tours on our page , you can access all the information you are looking for such as route images, stopover points, prices and photos of these tours at any time.

Sunken City

Kekova tours include Kekova Island, on which the Sunken City is also located. Part of Kekova Island was flooded by very severe earthquakes in the 8th century. During the boat tour, you can see the ancient ruins such as temple ruins, stairs and tombstones clearly, you can get detailed information about the region from Xanthos Travel guides. In addition, during the trip, there are breaks in some areas and the opportunity to swim with ancient ruins. Simena, one of the settlements that can only be reached from the sea, is located in this region. Simena Ancient City, which is protected as a 1st degree archaeological site, is an area worth seeing with its historical ruins. It is also called Kaleköy because of its strong castle that has survived until today.

Movement Points

If you want to spend a day with boat tours, one of the things you should be careful about is the departure points of the boats. Some boats have determined the port located in the center of Kaş as the departure point, while others have determined the Üçağız village, which is approximately 35-40 minutes away from Kaş center by road. Boats departing from Kaş harbor use the sea route to reach Kekova region. In this case, the participants have to travel more by sea. On the tours whose starting point is Üçağız, firstly you can go from Kaş to Üçağız in 35-40 minutes with the service of the agency. The boat is taken here and the tour starts from here. In this way, you will spend more time on tour routes and bays, not by boat, on the sea route.

Except for the tours around Kekova island, the most preferred tours are Kaputaş and Adalar Tours. With the Islands tour, you can visit the small islands around Kas and enjoy the sea and the sun. Kaputaş Tours are generally included in the scope of a private tour and are organized according to demand. You can view our special tours page or contact our team for information. With these tours, you can go to the world-famous Kaputaş beach by sea and take a swimming break here.

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"Fabulous and exhilarating kayaking the Kekova sunken city."

"Timely pickup from where we were staying. Speedy transfer to kakova Harbour early on so we beat all the tourist boats. Great, knowledgeable guide with great English. the views were amazing and great value for money with lunch included. Back by home by about 4 pm so not too long of a day."

"Great day out on a boat exploring Kekova."

"We had a great day out on a boat exploring Kekova (which we'd booked with Xanthos Travel in Kas). We were picked up from our villa and driven down to the port at Kekova to board the boat. We had a fantastic guide - Baran - who explained how the day would pan out and throughout the day gave us a wonderful insight into the sunken city and history of the area. The boat was very comfortable and all of the crew were helpful. We were treated to a delicious lunch and snacks throughout the day, and loved the moment when the goats reaped the benefits of the leftovers! I would definitely recommend booking with these guys. They do lots of other fantastic trips in the area too."

"Jeep tour in the Kaş nature."

"My friend and I decided to join Xanthos for a jeep tour so we could visit some amazing places that otherwise we couldn't see. We were on the jeep with other 10 people and all the security rules have always been respected from the participants and the staff. A person has always come with the group and has been super helpful and at the same time cheerful. This is a great choice made by the company! An example: in the canyon a member of the group slipped and felt down. The Xanthos's guy immediately helped and checked her. Likely she didn't have any serious issues, so he cheered up again the spirit. With them we also did rafting on a river (not dangerous but a fun experience) and visited some places that in the right time (less crowded) are beautiful and enjoyable! I highly recommend this tour because its organization, staff, food and the natural legs."


"We went on a days kayak tour. The instructor was good with all of our levels, patient and ensured that we all had a lot of fun. He was also fluent in English and extremely informed about the local area and shared his knowledge with us all. We stopped to swim in beautiful places, ate a fantastic lunch, ate locally made ice cream and also kayaked across the sunken city. It really was a magical day which we will all remember and also great value for money. The organisation was excellent and we couldn't have been in better hands. Will definitely book again."

"Fabulous and exhilarating kayaking the Kekova sunken city."

"Timely pickup from where we were staying. Speedy transfer to kakova Harbour early on so we beat all the tourist boats. Great, knowledgeable guide with great English. the views were amazing and great value for money with lunch included. Back by home by about 4 pm so not too long of a day."

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