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As the famous French rider Jean de Gribaldy said, "Cycling is not a game, it is a tough and brutal sport." These and similar warnings to keep in mind, bride, cycling and biking routes to Turkey's unique, let us look together.

Cycling Sport

Cycling is a sport that emerged as a result of the development of two-wheeled bicycles. The increasing popularity of cycling for entertainment, transportation and competition has further developed cycling. The bicycle is a useful and economical tool for short trips. Day trips and holiday tours by cycling are also great fun. (see. Xanthos Travel Kas Bike Tours )

While riding a bicycle, it is necessary to be constantly on the move and to pedal in accordance with the tempo. Quadraceps, Hamstrings, Gluteus, abdominal and calf muscles are among the muscle groups that work the most while pedaling. With each pedal movement, the force from the foot circumference to the hip flexors is transferred to the pedals.

Rules of cycling sport; It may vary depending on different disciplines such as track races (Veledrom), road races, show races and time trial races. In road races, it is essential to get the best score against time or against rivals. Bicycle riders can race individually or as a team.

There are numerous beautiful places and routes you can ride a bicycle in Turkey. Here in Fethiye Sapanca, best places you can do the bike ride in the Black Sea from Kars, Turkey.

  • Black sea routes are indispensable for the "best bike routes" lists. The distance between Artvin and Trabzon is almost a 230km wonderland ... Cyclists generally prefer to go by dividing this distance into three.
  • In the Sapanca region, not only the sports side of cycling is concerned but also efforts are being made to integrate it into the community life as a means of transportation. On the other hand, Sapanca is the host of the 2020 marathon mountain bike world championship.
  • We would not be wrong to say that İzmir comes first among the places that offer the most alternatives for cyclists among metropolitan cities. Because both its forests and climbing routes offer many alternatives for cyclists.
  • Babadağ, with its 1969 meter height, is always the first thing that welcomes visitors approaching the region from land. Besides its 1969-meter summit, the second summit, called Karatepe, has an altitude of 1400 meters. Since both peaks of Babadağ are very close to the sea, thousands of tourists come here every year to do paragliding. However, Babadağ is also a very popular spot for bike lovers. Moreover, if you are a climbing enthusiast, Fethiye-Babadağ is a cycling route just for you.
  • Kars Besides having the largest plains of eastern Anatolia, Turkey also ranks among the highest in several cities. There are many routes in Kars that you can choose as your route, ranging from 25km to 106km. For example, the route "Sarıkamış-Handere-Zivin Castle-Micingirt Castle-Karakurt-Sarıkamış" is exactly 106 km. This is a great route to explore the historical and natural beauties of Sarıkamış, usually following the asphalt village roads.
  • One of the frequent destinations of two-wheel lovers is the Cappadocia region with its numerous bicycle tracks. Depending on the distance you want to pedal, you can choose to stay between Ürgüp-Göreme-Ortahisar and ride a bike on slightly shorter routes. Or darken your eyes; You can enjoy driving in a long distance towards Derinkuyu, Kaymaklı, Çardak sides.
  • Şarköy can be a very good starting point for those looking for a route in Tekirdağ. As you leave the center, after a few kilometers of stone road, the olive trees will accompany you along the road towards Eriklice direction. Immediately after, the vineyards in the region draw attention, although their numbers are decreasing.

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"Fabulous and exhilarating kayaking the Kekova sunken city."

"Timely pickup from where we were staying. Speedy transfer to kakova Harbour early on so we beat all the tourist boats. Great, knowledgeable guide with great English. the views were amazing and great value for money with lunch included. Back by home by about 4 pm so not too long of a day."

"Great day out on a boat exploring Kekova."

"We had a great day out on a boat exploring Kekova (which we'd booked with Xanthos Travel in Kas). We were picked up from our villa and driven down to the port at Kekova to board the boat. We had a fantastic guide - Baran - who explained how the day would pan out and throughout the day gave us a wonderful insight into the sunken city and history of the area. The boat was very comfortable and all of the crew were helpful. We were treated to a delicious lunch and snacks throughout the day, and loved the moment when the goats reaped the benefits of the leftovers! I would definitely recommend booking with these guys. They do lots of other fantastic trips in the area too."

"Jeep tour in the Kaş nature."

"My friend and I decided to join Xanthos for a jeep tour so we could visit some amazing places that otherwise we couldn't see. We were on the jeep with other 10 people and all the security rules have always been respected from the participants and the staff. A person has always come with the group and has been super helpful and at the same time cheerful. This is a great choice made by the company! An example: in the canyon a member of the group slipped and felt down. The Xanthos's guy immediately helped and checked her. Likely she didn't have any serious issues, so he cheered up again the spirit. With them we also did rafting on a river (not dangerous but a fun experience) and visited some places that in the right time (less crowded) are beautiful and enjoyable! I highly recommend this tour because its organization, staff, food and the natural legs."


"We went on a days kayak tour. The instructor was good with all of our levels, patient and ensured that we all had a lot of fun. He was also fluent in English and extremely informed about the local area and shared his knowledge with us all. We stopped to swim in beautiful places, ate a fantastic lunch, ate locally made ice cream and also kayaked across the sunken city. It really was a magical day which we will all remember and also great value for money. The organisation was excellent and we couldn't have been in better hands. Will definitely book again."

"Fabulous and exhilarating kayaking the Kekova sunken city."

"Timely pickup from where we were staying. Speedy transfer to kakova Harbour early on so we beat all the tourist boats. Great, knowledgeable guide with great English. the views were amazing and great value for money with lunch included. Back by home by about 4 pm so not too long of a day."

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