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In this blog, you can find information about the history, touristic places, geography, some statistical information and many other topics you are curious about in Kaş, which is one of the most charming and popular districts of Antalya, a world-famous tourism city. Let's start with some information about Kas history dating back to ancient times.


The first known name of Kaş has been accepted as "Habesos" according to the sources and the history of the city goes back to 2000s BC. The region, which forms a connection point between Caria and Lycia, became one of the most important trade centers of the period. Once under the rule of Alexander the Great, the city later came under Roman and Byzantine rule, where it would experience its heyday.

In our opinion, the first place on the list for Kaş's most famous historical places is the Sunken City. If you want to see the Sunken City on site, you can choose Xanthos Travel walking tours and boat trips . Yes, the city may have sunk, but it has left an impressive submerged region, and watching this magnificent view on boat tours to this region is truly a fascinating experience. Of course, the historical spots in Kas are not just that, but many other ancient stops such as Xanthos, Antiphellos, Myra, Phellos are waiting for you in the region.

The name Habesos, evidenced by archaeological findings, is the oldest name of the ancient city. The ancient city was called Antiphellos in history. Antiphellos, located at the intersection point of the roads providing the connection between Caria and Lycia Regions, is also a commercial port.


Kaş villages, located on the foothills of the Taurus mountains, were established in mountainous and forested regions due to their surface shape. In addition to the coastal area of Kas, it has a wide mountainous and rural hinterland with many village settlements. There are villages and plateaus suitable for agriculture such as Gömbe Plateau and Kasaba plain in the Toros mountains that start just north of the district. Kalkan district in the west provides a livelihood with its developing tourism and greenhouse and olive cultivation in Yeşilköy, Ova and Kınık districts. In the plateau, fruits such as apples and pomegranates are grown.

Ancient structures in Kaş Zone

It is possible to reach many points in the region with Xanthos Travel jeep safari, boat, trekking and sea kayaking tours accompanied by guides and witness the history.

  • Antiphellos Ancient City
  • Among the most important surviving structures is the ancient theater. The building is considered to be one of the most beautiful examples of the Hellenistic theater type unearthed in our country. It was built at the foot of the slope and overlooks a magnificent sea view. The theater has no stage. There are ancient tombs with reliefs of four women, thought to date back to the 4th century BC. In addition, the Gothic style and the tombs with Lycian inscriptions on them are very interesting.

  • Tomb of the King
  • The tomb is also known as the "Lion Tomb". On either side of the caps, there are two lion heads resting on their paws. There are descriptive reliefs in two parts of the sarcophagus, which has four plates on it, while in the other two parts there is a Lycian inscription 1.5 meters high from where there is information about who will be given the burial right.

  • Myra Ancient City and Rock Tombs
  • Myra, which is located in the town of Demre in Kas and has an important place for the historical places of Antalya, has a magnificent appearance, although it dominates the region due to its location. The steep and steep rocks will make you admire the history of humanity that lived in the past with its tombs carved into them.

  • Xanthos Ancient City
  • It is a capital, which is the religious and administrative center of Lycia. It was included in the World Cultural Heritage List by UNESCO in 1988. The oldest date that can be reached about the city is the 8th century. Realizing that they could not win the war after the Persians besieged the city and known for their honorable character, the army of Xanthos killed all the women and children in the city and then fought in such a way that not a single person was left. Kent, III. It became the capital of Lycia after it was conquered by Antiochus.

  • Phellos Ancient City
  • Phellos has one of the most important ports for Mediterranean shipping. After the collapse of the Byzantine State, it gained more strategic and economic importance. Since the city is surrounded by rocks, it was also known as the "Stony Country". The ruins of the castle that reached today indicate that the city was built for defense purposes.

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    "Fabulous and exhilarating kayaking the Kekova sunken city."

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    "Fabulous and exhilarating kayaking the Kekova sunken city."

    "Timely pickup from where we were staying. Speedy transfer to kakova Harbour early on so we beat all the tourist boats. Great, knowledgeable guide with great English. the views were amazing and great value for money with lunch included. Back by home by about 4 pm so not too long of a day."

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