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On this page, you will find detailed answers to many questions from covid-19 measures to tours.

Also in every other matter you are wondering, whenever you wish by;

  • call us (0 242 836 32 92),
  • contacting live chat from Whatsapp icon on the right sde of the page
  • completing the contact forms on the page or
  • sending an email ([email protected])

You can easily get information from us.

Can I make a reservation by calling you?

It is possible to make a booking request until one day before the event, at any time, by phone, face to face or e-mail. For the final booking, partial or full payment is required. For final booking, you can make payment by visiting our office or online from our website by credit card. Then, your reservation will be finalized.

What are the covid-19 measures taken in tours?

Your health is more important than anything else and it is our priority. The measures that we constantly inspect and carefully examine complaints are listed below.

  • All Xanthos personnel on tours pay maximum attention to the use of masks.
  • If necessary, masks are provided for the travellers.
  • Hand sanitizer has been positioned at suitable points for the travellers to use whenever they want.
  • Warnings are made to comply with social distance in the activity areas.
  • Equipment used in events are regularly disinfected at the end of each day.
  • Tools used for transfer are disinfected at the end of each the day.
  • The employees are regularly checked for body heat.
  • Employees showing Covid-19 symptoms are given paid vacation for resting and recovery.
  • For your payments, contactless payment opportunity is provided where needed.

Do you have discounts for more than one tour purchase?

In case of purchasing two or more tours, we may have various discounts depending on the tours you choose.

Regarding this, we recommend that you first review our special offers available on our homepage.

You can get detailed information about the discount opportunities for the packages that you will create by purchasing more than one tour according to your own preference by coming to our office or by phone.

Cancellation and refund policy

There may be situations where you will have to cancel your tour for special reasons. In the tour industry, which is a multi-organization organization, we had to determine some basic conditions for cancellation, as we had to think of the people we work with as we think of you. Thank you for your understanding.

If you want to cancel your tour in accordance with the conditions, we request you to inform us at least 24 hours beforehand. In this way, we can ensure your cancellation and refund your wages without harming both you and our colleagues. For gulet tours, this is 72 hours.

As Xanthos Travel, we promise to provide all the convenience we can, in case you experience an undesired health problem or a safety-related problem determined as a result of a doctor's control or police forces.

If your tour is canceled due to weather conditions, your place is reserved for the next three days . On any of these days, you can join the tour. If the tour cannot be performed within three days, your tour will be canceled and your fee will be refunded.

If my selected event is stopped by the state institutions?

Your activity may be stopped by law enforcement or government agencies for reasons such as various natural events or health conditions. This situation can be experienced within the scope of a natural disaster or covid measures. In such cases, within the next 3 days, your place is reserved. If the event cannot be carried out within three days, your tour will be canceled and you will be refunded.

Do you have accommodation and transfer support?

We have been working with Kaş's most experienced and certified transfer companies for shuttle servide for many years. We can guide you for a trusted service by professional people for shuttle service.

For accommodation, as in shuttle service, we can provide detailed information about the facilities we are sure of the service quality and which we can give reference. You can also get support from us during the reservation process, if you choose the one that suits you, by making the necessary examinations.

If you purchase accommodation and transfer service as a package with a tour of Xanthos Travel, there may be discounts for both services. Discounts may vary depending on your preferred tour. You can reach detailed information about packages by contacting us.

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Some Of Your Precious Opinions And Suggestions

"Fabulous and exhilarating kayaking the Kekova sunken city."

"Timely pickup from where we were staying. Speedy transfer to kakova Harbour early on so we beat all the tourist boats. Great, knowledgeable guide with great English. the views were amazing and great value for money with lunch included. Back by home by about 4 pm so not too long of a day."

"Great day out on a boat exploring Kekova."

"We had a great day out on a boat exploring Kekova (which we'd booked with Xanthos Travel in Kas). We were picked up from our villa and driven down to the port at Kekova to board the boat. We had a fantastic guide - Baran - who explained how the day would pan out and throughout the day gave us a wonderful insight into the sunken city and history of the area. The boat was very comfortable and all of the crew were helpful. We were treated to a delicious lunch and snacks throughout the day, and loved the moment when the goats reaped the benefits of the leftovers! I would definitely recommend booking with these guys. They do lots of other fantastic trips in the area too."

"Jeep tour in the Kaş nature."

"My friend and I decided to join Xanthos for a jeep tour so we could visit some amazing places that otherwise we couldn't see. We were on the jeep with other 10 people and all the security rules have always been respected from the participants and the staff. A person has always come with the group and has been super helpful and at the same time cheerful. This is a great choice made by the company! An example: in the canyon a member of the group slipped and felt down. The Xanthos's guy immediately helped and checked her. Likely she didn't have any serious issues, so he cheered up again the spirit. With them we also did rafting on a river (not dangerous but a fun experience) and visited some places that in the right time (less crowded) are beautiful and enjoyable! I highly recommend this tour because its organization, staff, food and the natural legs."


"We went on a days kayak tour. The instructor was good with all of our levels, patient and ensured that we all had a lot of fun. He was also fluent in English and extremely informed about the local area and shared his knowledge with us all. We stopped to swim in beautiful places, ate a fantastic lunch, ate locally made ice cream and also kayaked across the sunken city. It really was a magical day which we will all remember and also great value for money. The organisation was excellent and we couldn't have been in better hands. Will definitely book again."

"Fabulous and exhilarating kayaking the Kekova sunken city."

"Timely pickup from where we were staying. Speedy transfer to kakova Harbour early on so we beat all the tourist boats. Great, knowledgeable guide with great English. the views were amazing and great value for money with lunch included. Back by home by about 4 pm so not too long of a day."

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